Our People

From student to staff, parent to peer group, donor to director—every single person involved with Archway is absolutely vital to our collective success, and to the culture of gratitude, humor, hope, and love that inspires real trust and real transformation.

We could not be more proud of our community, and we invite you to connect with the wonderful individuals and organizations who keep us moving forward each day.

Student Life

Archway students are brilliant and sensitive, fearless and funny as hell. They are our future. And if we expect them to succeed—they will.

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Friendship is a sheltering tree. S. T. Coleridge

We believe respect, hope and fellowship inspire real and powerful change. Our job is to ensure the conditions are right for students to experience these change agents.

What is one of your favorite friendship quotes? Drop it in the comments below.

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Collaboration is critical here at #Archway
We love having individuals and organizations tour our campus and meet our students and staff.

Thank you, Evan Weinberger, owner of @saotg for touring our campus and learning more about we are and what we do.

We realize that Archway is only one piece of the puzzle in guiding students through recovery. We cast a safety net deep and wide to connect the continuum of care that supports students across every aspect of their recovery. Like SAOTG we work hard to engage with local professionals, parents, and organizations to ensure that we can help as many students and families as possible.

SAOTG helps students be the best versions of themselves through one-on-one and group programming. Archway does the same with layers of accountability and communication within school and focused partnership and equal excellence in education and recovery. We are here to help meet the individual educational needs of teens recovering from substance use disorder with care, compassion, respect, and rigor.

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Board Spotlight - Help us welcome new board member Cory Rush . - "I am incredibly excited to join the Archway Academy Board of Directors. I have spent my career helping schools to navigate far-ranging legal issues in the service of students, and I am grateful for the opportunity to apply what I have learned in my career to help Archway Academy move forward with its important mission."

Mr. Rush grew up in Wimberley, Texas and went to college at The University of Texas at Austin, where he was a four-year member of the Longhorn Band. Cory entered college with the hopes of becoming a band director, but ultimately decided to major in English in hopes of going to law school. After graduation, he and his now-husband moved to Houston to attend law school. After finishing his summer clerkship, he became a law clerk for Houston Community College. While there he realized he could have a legal career and still be involved in education. Immediately after law school, Mr. Rush worked as an associate at an established school law firm in Houston where he spent almost eight years developing his practice and made partner. In 2018, Cory left that firm with a group of other partners to establish his own school law firm, KBS Law Group . Mr. Rush is Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and his practice includes the representation of school districts, charter schools, and junior colleges in employment and civil rights matters. Cory is also a frequent speaker on issues affecting public employers, including Title IX, the Affordable Care Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is currently the Treasurer for the State Bar of Texas School Law Section, and a member of the State Bar of Texas Labor and Employment Section, the Texas Council of School Attorneys, and the National Council of School Attorneys.

We are thankful to our board members and all that they do to help us meet our mission - To provide a supportive and sober learning environment to meet the individual educational needs of adolescents in recovery. #WeAreArchway #WhereEducationMeetsRecovery #RecoveryHighSchool #TeensInRecovery #TeenRecovery

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Therapist, Counselors, Administrators, and Parents!!! Join us for this FREE CEU Breakfast at Fortis Academy on Friday, 1.21.22 at 8:30 AM (🔗in bio)

We are thrilled to host Dr. Crystal Collier @instaccollier an expert in adolescent brain development, prevention programming, parent coaching, addiction and family-of-origin work. She is the founder of BrainAbouts - an online, plug-n-play prevention program that teaches neurodevelopment effects of risky behavior to students, parents, and staff.

In 2020, she published a neurodevelopmental prevention book entitled, The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide.

Thank you to Co-Hosts @thecouncilonrecovery and Fortis Academy

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Monday's with Sasha

A bi-weekly video check-in with Archway Academy Executive Director, Sasha Coles, where she discusses recovey, mental health insights, awareness and practices.

Today's video asks, "how much time and energy do you spend on things that will grow you?

What table have you been sitting at lately? What recovery practices do you have that help you focus on using your time and energy wisely?

#mondayswithsasha #WeAreArchway #WhereEducationMeetsRecovery #TeenRecovery #StudentsInRecovery #AddictionHelp #RecoveryHighSchool

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Each year, #ArchwayAcademy students get the chance to participate in the #daringway curriculum facilitated by Brene Brown’s team of interns and staff. The moving curriculum is centered on vulnerability, community, showing up big in our own lives, and daring to be an authentic and beautifully imperfect soul.

What a heartwarming 💙💛surprise to see our Executive Director's face, Sasha Coles, in Brene’s new book… #atlasoftheheart ❤️! She was one of the experienced therapists who was invited to participate in the process group that Brene mentions in her introduction.

#RecoveryHighSchool #RecoveryStory #RecoveryStories #RecoveryDiaries #TeensInRecovery #WhereEducationMeetsRecovery #TeenRecovery #StudentsInRecovery

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Another episode of A Way Through dropped today!!! (🔗 to listen is in bio.)

In this weeks episode, Sasha Coles, LMFT, LPC, is joined by Lua, Emily, and Jackson as they share what it’s really like growing up with social media.

Topics Discussed:

👉How social media influences young men and women differently
👉The shocking factor of how fast you can go “viral”
👉Safety restrictions parents can put in place for teenagers
👉Learning how to use social media in a fun, safe, and healthy way

#AWayThroughPodcast #ArchwayAcademy #RecoveryPodcast #AddictionPodcast #WeAreArchway #StudentPodcast #RecoveryPod

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We love our faculty and staff. 💛💙

Archway Academy is a close-knit group of teachers, recovery experts, and students working together. One way we do this is by having a student therapeutic support staff with expertise in adolescent recovery and motivational interviewing practices.

Meet Mrs. Sally Gulledge, Archways Director of Finance and HR. Sally graduated from the University of North Texas and immediately joined the golf industry as an Assistant Professional in the Dallas area. After several years, she realized that an eating disorder had made her life unmanageable and spent time in treatment centers and 12 step programs. After a 10 plus year in the retail world with a Texas based running store, Sally met and married her husband and relocated to Houston. They have been married for almost 20 years and are the very proud parents of 2 girls, Ella (14) and Kate (11)

Sally joined Archway in 2007 as Administrator Director which provided a hands on and in-depth relationships with not only the students, but the families supporting their students during the early and difficult stages of recovery.

Thoughts on Archway:
“My favorite part of working at Archway is seeing these young adults struggle, thrive and sometimes struggle again but ultimately finding joy again. The collateral growth of the family and support systems is amazing. To see these students and families become true family again is a privilege”

We are so grateful to have Sally at Archway. 💛 We appreciate you and the work you do with our students and their families.

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2022 offers us another year in which we can continue to provide a structured place for teens to continue both their recovery and their education without compromising either.

#2022 #WeAreArchway #WhereEducationMeetsRecovery #teenrecovery #houstonrecoveryschool

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New episode of A Way Through dropped today !!! (🔗 in bio.)

A Way Through, is a podcast brought to you by Archway Academy! The purpose of this podcast is to remind you that though you may not see it now, something different is possible; Recovery is possible!

This week, Sasha Coles, LMFT, LPC, is joined by former Archway Academy student, Clifton and his mother, Ann. @keepinitchill is one of the “OG” students at Archway as he began his Recovery Journey in 2006. Recovering from substance use, Clifton shares what it was like being a teenager battling addiction and how recovery has completely changed his life around. Ann also shares the importance of not giving up on her son and why she has always supported Clifton through his Recovery Journey.

A Way Through invites you to join in on the conversation and hear stories of triumph, self-discovery, and healing. Be sure to subscribe to A Way Through to stay updated on each new episode and leave a review of the show!

Topics Discussed:

💛Misconceptions behind Addiction and Recovery
💙What it’s really like to battle addiction as a family vs. individually
💛The importance of sharing healing and restoration as a family
💙Overcoming pain and isolation and seeking connection and vulnerability

#AWayThroughPodcast #ArchwayAcademy #RecoveryPodcast #AddictionPodcast #WeAreArchway #StudentPodcast #RecoveryPod


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We love our faculty and staff. 💛

Archway Academy is a close-knit group of teachers, recovery experts, and students working together. One way we do this is by having a student therapeutic support staff with expertise in adolescent recovery and motivational interviewing practices.

Meet Mrs. Cryslin Ward. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is a graduate of Cypress Falls High School and Lone Star College and is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Council (LCDC).

In 2015 Cryslin married her high school sweetheart. Today they have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter named Zoey; she is their world. Cryslin’ s husband got sober at 18 in an Alternative Peer Group (APG) called Teen and Family Services (TAFS). That experience was her first introduced to addiction. Two years after her husband got sober, she realized that she was struggling with her own addictions; drugs, alcohol, and an eating disorder. She entered recovery on November 1st, 2008.
Her first job in the chemical dependency field was at an adult residential treatment center called The Right Step, where she worked for over 2 years. To gain experience working with adolescence in recovery, she took a job at an APG called Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP). After working at PDAP for a few years she made the move to Archway. She has been working with us for 7 years now.

Thoughts on Archway:
“Working with adolescence who are in recovery is a passion of mine. The students tell me that they learn so much from me, but it is me that learns so much from them. I feel truly blessed to get to work with this population.”

We are so grateful to have Cryslin at Archway. 💛 We appreciate you and the work you do with our students and their families.

#WeAreArchway #WhereEducationMeetsRecovery #recoveryhighschoolhtx #weloveourstaff #recoverycoach #adolescentrecoveryleaders

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Happy Holidays !!!🎅🎁

We want to wish all of our families, friends, community partners & supporters a peaceful and joyous holiday season.

#HolidaySeason #Christmas #christmas2021 #WeAreArchway #HappyHolidays2021 #WhereEducationMeetsRecovery #adolescentrecoveryleaders #houstonrecoveryschool

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I Am Archway Because...

Archway is only one piece of the puzzle in guiding students through recovery. We cast a safety net deep and wide to connect the continuum of care that supports students across every aspect of their recovery.

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We believe we can’t truly help you until we truly know you, so we structure ourselves accordingly.

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Our Alumni Holiday 🎄🎅 Gathering was wonderful!!! We had over 45 alum students and staff attend with alums ranging from 2010 to 2020. 💛💙

It was a great night of food, games and fellowship celebrating the holidays and reconnection.

Pictured here are some of the OG staff and "oldest" alumni - Cameron, Ted, Tammer, Becky, Sasha, Dylyn, Sally & Andrew.

Happiest of holidays 🎁 to all our alums and families!!!!

*This event was held both indoors and out and Covid protocols were followed.

#WeAreArchway #WhereEducationMeetsRecovery #SoberMovement #SoberLiving #EnjoyLifeSober #SobrietyMatters #SoberHighSchool #ChoosingSobriety #ArchwayAlumni

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Here are some of the most commonly abused illegal drugs in the #Htown area.

If you are concerned about a teens misuse of substances take comfort in knowing that #Houston has a wide continuum of care to support you and your teen. Archway is just one piece of the puzzle. Resources that may be helpful include


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Marian Kennedy-Busby


Dr. Maria Benzon

Assistant Principal

David Claunch

Math & Science

Nancy Coles

Computer Lab

Barbara Combs

Special Education

Tara Hrozek

Math & Foreign Language

Ilma Khanbabi


Chris Miller


Roland Parsons

Physical Education

Sonny Sanborn

Social Studies & Lead Teacher

Isabelle Scott

Lab Instructor


Sasha Coles, LMFT, LPC

Executive Director

Brad Deason

Director of Advancement

Jamie Edwards

Director of Community Relations

Sally Gulledge

Director of Administration

Brooke Hudson

Senior Development Consultant

Hailey Clay

Recovery Coach

Lisa Lyerly, LCDC

Program Manager at the PaRC & Recovery Support Specialist

Cryslin Ward, LCDCI

Enrollment Coordinator/Recovery Coach

Andrew Warren, LPC-A, LCDC

Lead Recovery Coach

Board of

Jeanine Baker

Scott Basinger

Chase Bice

Emilie Booth

Dale Burrus


Karla Hernandez DeCuir

Joan Dunlap

John Flournoy

Michelle Fredricks

Anthony Fry

Vice President

Tracey Gerl

James Clifton Gillock IV

Hugh Guill

George Joseph


Renee McNiel


John Putnam

Sheree Speck

Renee Stewart

John Wallace

Alternative Peer Groups

Choosing the right APG for your family is an important decision. Watch the video below to learn more.

Watch APG Video

The following four organizations work closely with Archway Academy and understand our criteria for enrollment. They provide each student with the emotional and therapeutic support they need to be successful in school.

Adventure Learning Program

| www.alphouston.com

Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP)

| www.pdaphouston.org

Soldiers for Recovery

| Contact: Darrel Sims

Teen and Family Services

| teenandfamilyservices.org

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