Our People

Our People

From student to staff, parent to peer group, donor to director—every single person involved with Archway is absolutely vital to our collective success, and to the culture of gratitude, humor, hope, and love that inspires real trust and real transformation.

We could not be more proud of our community, and we invite you to connect with the wonderful individuals and organizations who keep us moving forward each day.

Student Life

Archway students are brilliant and sensitive, fearless and funny as hell. They are our future. And if we expect them to succeed—they will.

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Tune in to hear our Executive Director, Sasha Coles, speak about adolescent recovery and all things Archway. Tomorrow, Thursday 23 at 1 PM (CDT)

For nearly 20 years, Archway Academy has been offering students and worried families ravaged by teenage substance use a viable option and support system for restoring their child’s physical, mental, emotional, and academic health. With 16 new recovery schools, they are the largest recovery school in the country. We are fascinated to know more about how Archway is changing the conversation about recovery for young people in this nation. Tune in to the Health & Wealth Power Hour to ask your questions about relapse, treatment, education, and more! THURSDAY AT 1:00 PM CT ONLY ON KSEV!
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I Am Archway Because...

We aren’t asking our students to do anything that we haven’t done, or pushing them to places where we haven’t been. The respect, hope, and fellowship this inspires is real and powerful.

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Join us in person or via live stream for our 14th Annual Archway Luncheon. Tickets available at www.archwayacademy.org/events or go to link in Bio

10.19.21 | River Oaks Country Club @riveroakscc | 12 Noon

Guest Speaker @carriebates1 Carrie Steinseifer Bates
Luncheon Chairs @taylormmbtu Craig and Kathy Taylor

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We love our board members and all the ways in which they support us!!! 💛

Thank you, Board Chairman @georgej1981 George Joseph!!! As CEO of both @commonbondbistroandbakery and @positiverecoverycenters you make it possible for us to recieve donations every September from the sale of your special edition, Blueberry Lemon Cream Cheese Macaron. This purple macaron is sold during September, National Recovery Month, as a way to raise awareness about substance misuse.

$1 from the sale of each macaron is donated to Archway. Your donations help us to reach students in need of help and healing. When we find a way to reach even one student, we are also reaching their families, friends, peers, and anyone else whose lives their substance misuse may have touched. We’re able to help spark conversation and mend communities, and continue putting forth powerful and desperately needed resources for those struggling to feel happy and whole.

Thank you for contributing to us each year at this time George, Common Bond and PRC. 💛

To order your cookies and find a Common Bond near you go to https://www.commonbondcafe.com/locations/

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We understand and adore our students profoundly 💚...yet we are also clear and firm about our expectations for student behavior. We prepare our students for life beyond high school and believe we can each take responsibility and action to help maximize their options.

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No school today!!!

We follow HISD’s closure for weather so check local listings for updates as hurricane Nicholas continues to impact our area.

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Join us on 10.19 in person or via live stream for our 14th Annual Luncheon

Donate NOW by texting ARCHWAY to 50155

For tickets, sponsorships or more details visit www.archwayacademy.org

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At Archway students are the secret. 💛 The change agent. 💛 The magic. 💛

Our students are the ones who challenge, who champion, and who ultimately change each other. Our job is to ensure the conditions are right.

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We love our faculty and staff. 💛

Archway Academy is a close-knit group of teachers, recovery experts, and students working together. One way we do this is by having a student therapeutic support staff with expertise in adolescent recovery and motivational interviewing practices.

Meet Hailey Clay-Nitzschke our newest student therapeutic support staff member. Hailey joined our team as a Recovery Coach and LCDC-I.

Miss Clay -Nitzschke was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Houston-Downtown.

Hailey is a 2014 alumni of Archway Academy and PDAP (Palmer Drug Abuse Program). 👏 💙 She has worked with adolescents since 2017 both as an Alternative Peer Group leader and a counselor at a local residential treatment facility.

A recent mile-stone moment in Hailey’s life is her engagement to, “the love of my life, who I met my senior year at Archway.” We are so excited for you two!!! 🥳💛 Congratulations!!!

Thoughts on Archway – “Attending Archway as a student was one of the best experiences of my life. Through my time at Archway, I found a large addition to my support group, a creative learning environment and a close-knit community that felt like family. Getting the opportunity to work at Archway has been such a blessing and has felt like a chance to return home.”

We are so grateful to have Miss Clay-Nitzschke at Archway. 💛 We appreciate you Hailey and the work you do with our students and their families.

#WeAreArchway #WhereEducationMeetsRecovery #RecoveryHighSchoolhtx #weloveourstaff #recoverycoach

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Stay up to date on our upcoming luncheon!!!

Archway's Annual Luncheon is both in person and virtual this year. Save this code and check in regularly for up to date information and details.

Can't attend but would like to donate text ARCHWAY to 50155.

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It's back!!!! The Blueberry Lemon Cream Cheese Recovery Macaron. Get yours today!!!! 💜💜💜

September is Recovery Month and all month long @commonbondbistroandbakery is offering its special Recovery Macaron. $1 from each macaron sold will be donated to the Archway Academy Student Scholarship Fund.

We are a sober high school that meets the individual educational needs of teens recovering from substance use disorder with care, compassion, respect, and rigor.
Go to https://www.commonbondcafe.com/store-locator/ to find the store nearest you and place your order today.

Thank you Common Bond for partnering with us to increase the awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and to honor those who recover.⁠⁠

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September is National Recovery Month

Recovery is for everyone because it benefits everyone. In recovery, we build new connections to ourselves, our families and our communities.

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International Overdose Awareness Day is the world’s largest annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind.
Time to Remember. Time to Act.
Don't let the day go by without doing something to #EndOverdose #IOAD2021

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We loved watching your children blossom into knowledgeable and sober young adults here at Archway. 😊

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We're proud to call Texas home, and we love the work that all of the other Recovery high schools are doing throughout the state. 😀

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I Am Archway Because...

Archway is full of people fighting to be the best version of themselves. Gritting their teeth, baring their soul, bolstering each other, every day. The road to recovery is not easy or short-lived, but no one can better empathize than the peers along that path who’ve had to discover those same hard truths.

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Arm in arm and hand in hand, we're a student's way through to both education and recovery. 🤝
*Photo taken prior to COVID-19.

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A typical day at Archway: Our students typing away as they learn endless valuable knowledge in the classroom. 💻

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Marian Kennedy-Busby


Dr. Maria Benzon

Assistant Principal

David Claunch

Math & Science

Nancy Coles

Computer Lab

Barbara Combs

Special Education

Tara Hrozek

Math & Foreign Language

Ilma Khanbabi


Chris Miller


Roland Parsons

Physical Education

Sonny Sanborn

Social Studies & Lead Teacher

Isabelle Scott

Lab Instructor


Sasha Coles, LMFT, LPC

Executive Director

Brad Deason

Director of Advancement

Jamie Edwards

Director of Community Relations

Sally Gulledge

Director of Administration

Brooke Hudson

Senior Development Consultant

Hailey Clay

Recovery Coach

Lisa Lyerly, LCDC

Program Manager at the PaRC & Recovery Support Specialist

Cryslin Ward, LCDCI

Lead Recovery Coach

Andrew Warren, LCDCI

Passageway Program Director & Recovery Support Specialist

Board of

Jeanine Baker

Scott Basinger

Chase Bice

Emilie Booth

Dale Burrus


Karla Hernandez DeCuir

Joan Dunlap

John Flournoy

Michelle Fredricks

Anthony Fry

Vice President

Tracey Gerl

James Clifton Gillock IV

Hugh Guill

George Joseph


Renee McNiel


John Putnam

Sheree Speck

Renee Stewart

John Wallace

Alternative Peer Groups

Choosing the right APG for your family is an important decision. Watch the video below to learn more.

Watch APG Video

The following four organizations work closely with Archway Academy and understand our criteria for enrollment. They provide each student with the emotional and therapeutic support they need to be successful in school.

Adventure Learning Program

| www.alphouston.com

Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP)

| www.pdaphouston.org

Soldiers for Recovery

| Contact: Darrel Sims

Teen and Family Services

| teenandfamilyservices.org

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