The Be Hope Project

Paul graduated from Archway in 2017. Something Paul enjoyed most about his time at Archway was the opportunity to give back to the community through sponsorship and community service. During his senior year, Paul gathered sleeping bags, blankets, and clothing that he could hand out to the homeless population. On December 24 th , 2016, Paul and some Archway students/staff met at Loaves and Fishes in Downtown Houston to hand the items out. Paul wants to do something similar this year through what he is calling The Be Hope Project. His vision for The Be Hope Project is to assist shelters and soup kitchens in Houston by allocating resources to provide to the homeless. He believes in being a symbol of hope in people’s lives where it may be absent.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated. Our goal is to provide sleeping bags and blankets to 300 people. $6000 is the amount of funds necessary to do so. We will hand them out at Loaves and Fishes on December 23 rd . The time is yet to be determined. We’ll have more details soon.