Are We Right for You?

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re probably in the middle of one of the most difficult times in your life and wondering if Archway Academy is even the right high school for you and your family. Making sure that we’re a match is crucial to not only the admissions process, but to the long-term success of your recovery. Whether you’re searching for yourself as a prospective student or for an adolescent in your life struggling with substance abuse, please take some time to reflect on the questions on this page. If most of the answers to the questions are “yes,” please reach out to us. Our dedicated and compassionate team will help determine if Archway Academy is the right place for you to start your sober journey and prepare for a recovery-oriented lifestyle.

No matter what your teen is dealing with right now—experimenting with drugs, harmful usage, or full-blown addiction—we are here to help. Even if we aren’t the right fit, Archway Academy can still be a resource to get your child on the road to recovery. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 713.328.0780.

  • If you’re a TEEN, have you experienced:
  • If you’re a PARENT/GUARDIAN, has your teen experienced:

If you’re a TEEN, have you experienced:

  • Changes to energy or loss of appetite?
  • Falls or injuries while drunk or high?
  • Being told I should slow down when using or continuing to use after my friends have stopped?
  • Irritability, agitation, mood swings, anxiety, or depression as a result of substances?
  • Episodes where I had difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, or blackouts?
  • Not caring about school or not knowing if I have a future?
  • Physical or verbal fights while using?
  • Relationship problems with my parents, siblings, and closest friends?
  • Feeling misunderstood by others, isolated, alone, or feeling like nobody understands me?
  • Wanting to forget something in my past?
  • Feeling down or worried, and needing to change how I feel, no matter what?
  • Managing my stress with drugs/alcohol?
  • Binging on any single occasion?
  • Going over limits on using that I set for myself?
  • Dangerous situations or experiencing thoughts of suicide because of drugs and alcohol?

If you’re a PARENT/GUARDIAN, has your teen experienced:

  • Trouble with the law because of drug and alcohol use?
  • A decline in school performance because of drug and alcohol use?
  • Poor job performance or disregard for being on time?
  • Caring less about their hygiene and appearance?
  • Dangerous situations or thoughts of suicide because of drugs and alcohol?
  • Falls or injuries without explanation for the injury?
  • New friendships with people you’ve never met?
  • Unexplained signs of irritability, agitation, mood swings, anxiety, or depression?
  • Relationship problems with you, siblings, and close friends?

Criteria For Admission

Archway Academy is a Houston recovery high school open to students committed to the journey of recovery. We have two programming options: The Passageway program, which is open to students with at least one day sober, and the traditional Archway program, which is for students with more sustained recovery. Students in both programs attend the same physical campus and progress through a similar school day, but Passageway students receive additional designated recovery support and are under more stringent observation.

If you meet the criteria for one of the programs, please reach out to our admissions counselor to schedule a tour. Having as much of the application completed as possible, along with supporting documentation, will greatly speed up the admissions process.

Passageway Program

Passageway is for students at the beginning of their recovery journey who need more structure, supervision, drug testing, and recovery support. Passageway students remain on campus for lunch and eat with the recovery coaches and other Passageway students. During lunch, they cover a variety of recovery topics and receive extra support with challenges unique to early recovery. The recovery team will help Passageway students set and monitor weekly recovery goals. Sobriety time and progress with recovery goals are the two main criteria to “graduate” from the Passageway program.

Archway Academy

Archway is for students with more sustained/consistent recovery who have earned the privilege of more freedom, flexibility and off-campus lunch. Archway students must have more than 60 days sober, be actively working with a sponsor, be settled in their counseling/APG group, be in compliance with medication recommendations (if applicable), and show forward progress with other mental health goals.

Still not sure Archway
is right for your child?

Download our checklist. It’s an easy guide to help you make the best decision for your family.