Archway Academy hosts annual fundraising events for the community and continuing education for professionals who work in the fields of addiction, social work, and mental and behavioral health. Archway events exist to expand the continuum of care for adolescents and their families.

Graduation: Celebrating Milestones
Join us at Archway Academy to celebrate the pinnacle of our students’ achievements as we honor their resilience and dedication to both their recovery and academic excellence. Our graduation ceremony transcends the traditional cap and gown affair —it is a profound acknowledgment of each student’s unique journey through recovery and education. Each year, we welcome family, friends, and the community to partake in this joyous occasion, which marks a significant milestone in our graduates’ lives as they step confidently toward their future.
SPROM (Sober Prom): A Night to Remember
Archway Academy proudly presents SPROM — an evening that offers a safe, sober, and spectacular celebration of our students’ high school achievements. This event features lively music, dancing, and the camaraderie of peers from throughout Houston’s adolescent recovery scene, all within a nurturing atmosphere of acceptance and joy. SPROM is more than a prom; it’s a cherished milestone celebrating our students’ commitment to sobriety while showing newcomers what having fun in recovery looks like.
Senior Trip: Adventure Awaits
Our seniors celebrate the culmination of their academic journey with Archway Academy’s Senior Trip — a curated adventure planned by our seniors themselves! This experience is designed to give our seniors an experience similar to a traditional high school all within a supportive, sober environment, offering a mix of thrilling activities and tranquil moments of connection. Our Senior Trip is an integral part of strengthening our community and celebrating the personal growth each student has achieved on their path to recovery.
Service Projects: Building Community Through Giving
At the core of Archway Academy’s ethos is a commitment to helping others and fostering responsible citizenship through service projects. Our students participate in a range of activities that not only serve and enrich the local community but also promote their personal development and a sense of purpose. These projects are a testament to the power of giving back, enhancing a spirit of gratitude and interconnectedness among our students and the community at large.
Field Trips: Expanding Horizons
Archway Academy’s field trips extend learning beyond the classroom, offering students transformative experiences that complement their academic and recovery journeys. Each outing, whether to a museum, a local park, or a university, is designed to ignite curiosity and connect classroom lessons to a wider world. These trips are pivotal in strengthening the social bonds among our students and enhancing their educational experience in a fun, supportive, and sober setting.
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Fundraising Events

Golf Tournament

Join our Golf Tournament! Give back & have fun on the course.


Connect with amazing minds with a great meal and help a great cause!

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