Alternative Peer Groups (APG)

Alternate peer groups can be a valuable source of support, information, and friendship. Choosing the right APG for your family is an important decision.

The following four organizations work closely with Archway Academy and understand our criteria for enrollment. They provide each student with the emotional and therapeutic support they need to be successful in school.

Adventure Learning Program


Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP)


Unlimited Visions


Teen and Family Services


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Archway vs. Passageway

Archway vs. Passageway—what’s the difference?

Passageway is for students at the beginning of their recovery journey who need more structure, supervision, drug testing, and recovery support. Passageway students remain on campus for lunch and eat with the recovery coaches and other Passageway students. During lunch, they cover a variety of recovery topics and receive extra support with challenges unique to early recovery. The recovery team will help Passageway students set and monitor weekly recovery goals. Sobriety time and progress with recovery goals are the two main criteria to “graduate” from the Passageway program.

Archway is for students with more sustained/consistent recovery who have earned the privilege of more freedom, flexibility and off-campus lunch. Archway students must have more than 60 days sober, be actively working with a sponsor, be settled in their counseling/APG group, be in compliance with medication recommendations (if applicable), and show forward progress with other mental health goals.

Overview of Services

  • Sober high school in Houston

  • Two programs—one for students who have fewer than 60 days sober and one for students with 60+ days

  • Rolling admissions policy

  • Small class size and low student-to-teacher ratios

  • Flexible curriculum—combination of online & traditional classes

  • Summer school

  • Rigorous academic curriculum with electives, PSAT, college fairs, and student council

  • Layers of accountability and communication within school and across continuum of care including private counselors, probation officers, residential treatment clinicians and Alternative Peer Groups (APGs)

  • Daily check-in sessions

  • Easy access to recovery supports and on-site clinician

  • Financial aid and scholarships available

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