Meet Archway Academy Alum Lauren

In 2011, I graduated from Archway, a pivotal moment that would shape my unforeseen journey.

Fast forward to today, with a degree from the University of Houston in hand, I now proudly serve as a high school English teacher —a career path I could have never envisioned during my tumultuous high school years, especially amidst battling addiction before finding sobriety.

Following intensive inpatient and outpatient treatment, I eventually discovered Archway, which became my lifeline, offering me a second chance at life. Returning to my former high school would have likely led me back down a destructive path.

Archway, with its supportive environment and scholarship program, provided me with the opportunity to escape that toxic cycle. Without it, I would have been left with no choice but to return to my old public high school, where graduation wouldn’t have been merely challenging—it would have been impossible.

I owe my academic success entirely to Archway. Today, as a teacher and a mother, my life resonates with love and purpose because I was granted the chance to rewrite my story and walk a different, more fulfilling path.


Archway opened its doors in 2003 to offer students and worried families in the throes of teenage substance use a viable option and support system for restoring their child’s physical, mental, emotional, and academic health. We’re located in the heart of Houston, Texas, and are focused on meeting the individual educational needs of teens recovering from substance use disorder with care, compassion, respect, and rigor. Instead of returning students to the same environments in which they’re most at risk for relapse or might have trouble catching up academically, Archway provides a structured place for teens to continue both their recovery and their education without compromising either. 


We offer a continuum of care from probation officers to private counselors, residential treatment clinicians to Alternative Peer Groups. Archway keeps in constant contact with every student’s unique personal network — triaging tasks and arming our students (and each other) with shared information to ensure that no important details slip through the cracks; to address behaviors and remove barriers; and to remain consistent and aligned in our approach to getting each student well. Today, we are the largest recovery school in the country, and currently mentoring new recovery schools throughout the nation.

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